Major renovations in an apartment: what's behind what


Carrying out a major overhaul does not imply a quick process, since it consists of several interrelated stages. Most often, the work plan provides for the need to replace communications, dismantle, install suspended or suspended ceilings, flooring, install windows and doors, and arrange the interior in a new way. The process uses new materials and modern technologies - only in this case can you count on an effective result.

Where to start a major renovation in an apartment

Where to start a major renovation in an apartment

It will be very difficult to cope with this event on your own without professional skills. In such situations, it is advisable to seek help from specialists who will carry out proper planning and complete all stages in the right sequence.

It is worth considering that work in new buildings and in secondary housing will be different. In the first case, this is due to the developers delivering most of the apartments in a state of construction. When entering such a facility, apartment owners see bare, uneven walls without plaster, floor slabs with cracks and a complete lack of communications.

A major renovation in a new building apartment involves certain points - the following tips will help you understand where to start and how to carry it out:

  • Stage 1. Rough work

They begin after drawing up a design plan, which must be strictly followed in the future. The list of the initial stage includes the construction of walls and partitions made of brick or plasterboard, wiring and installation of electrical wiring for the required number of sockets and switches, as well as installation of sewerage and water supply. We also perform leveling of horizontal and vertical surfaces, installation of windows and doors, and installation of heated floors.

  • Stage 2. Repair work

Next comes tiling, installation of plumbing equipment, and decoration of ceilings.

  • Stage 3. Finishing

At this stage, the walls are puttied and painted, floors are laid, sockets, switches, doors, and lighting fixtures are installed.

Where to start a major renovation in an old apartment

Where to start a major renovation in an old apartment

Major renovation of secondary housing is considered a little more difficult, since it often involves redevelopment and dismantling of old materials and equipment. The process covers the entire apartment, and therefore it will be uninhabitable for some time. You will have to take care in advance about housing options for the entire period of repair work.

Also, at the beginning of the repair, it is necessary to coordinate and obtain work permits for dismantling load-bearing structures, combining wet areas, residential premises, and changes in gas supply.

Just as in the situation with new buildings, the preparation of a design project has an important emphasis. Without it, it is impossible to determine the amount of financing, as well as understand what building materials and in what quantity will be required. All other stages of a major overhaul remain virtually the same:

  • processing window and door openings, dismantling old and erecting new walls and partitions;
  • pouring cement screed on floors, leveling ceilings and walls;
  • distribution of communications along floors and walls;
  • installation of plumbing, work with drywall;
  • installation of air conditioners and ventilation systems;
  • finishing of walls, floors and ceilings;
  • installation of sockets, switches, household appliances.

An important point when planning major renovations in a residential area is determining the sequence. The order of rooms is also determined in advance, before the renovation begins. Mostly professionals start with the bathroom, since it is this room that requires a large range of work - installation and dismantling of pipes, plumbing, and facing materials. Next, the kitchen is set up, followed by the living rooms and hallway.

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