We are a team of narrow-profile specialists, ready to implement any repair and construction services in Kyiv and the Kyiv region

LLC «RCC ALBA» is a company that performs construction and repair work on objects of any purpose. This is a high-quality design and design, installation of engineering networks, performance of all construction works, as well as landscaping of adjacent territories. The company is considered one of the best in Kyiv: we quickly build private houses and cottages, production workshops and garages, warehouse buildings, install fences. With our help, you can easily solve the problems of repairing residential and office premises, shops and boutiques, restaurants and cafes. LLC «RCC ALBA» practices a turnkey service, providing its customers with comfortable conditions for mutual cooperation.

We invite you to watch a video about our company in which we will tell you in detail about how we at LLC «RCC ALBA» are building the future.

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LLC «RCC ALBA» employs the best narrow-profile craftsmen and experienced engineers

Our staff includes high-class craftsmen. At each stage of the work, specialists of a certain direction work, each strictly responsible for their own area of work:

  • bulldozers and excavators - prepare the site and create a foundation pit for the future structure;
  • concreters and reinforcing workers - perform the installation of foundations;
  • crane operators - carry out work on the movement of goods;
  • masons - laying walls and partitions made of brick, aerated concrete, shell rock, ceramic block;
  • roofers - install the roof and gutter system;
  • facade workers - they are engaged in finishing the facade;
  • electricians, plumbers, ventilators, air conditioners - carry out the installation of all engineering networks;
  • painters, plasterers, tilers - engaged in interior decoration;
  • landscape architects - work in the field of arranging the territories adjacent to the building;
  • foremen - control the workflow and order at the facility.

The main advantage of each specialist in LLC «RCC ALBA» is full responsibility for the quality of work performed, observing the technology and adhering to deadlines. Employees of the company are narrow-profile specialists who love their work and do it with pleasure.

A little about our achievements

over the past few years



Private houses and cottages


Hangars and warehouses


Production workshops






M/n fence









Shops and boutiques


Hairdressers and beauty salons


Restaurant and cafe

How we do the work:

Preparatory stage:


The foreman of our company travels to the site and conducts a detailed measurement, clarifies the wishes of the customer. And the estimator within a few hours provides a detailed estimate for approval.

Legal and financial stage:


After agreeing and approving the estimate, an agreement is drawn up and signed, and the customer, in turn, makes an advance payment for the purchase and delivery of all building materials.

Stage of work:


We agree on the date of the work at a convenient time for the customer. We purchase and import all necessary materials. To perform the work, a narrow-profile team of specialists arrives at the facility with all the necessary tools and performs all the agreed work.

Territory cleaning and commissioning:


After all work is completed, the facility will be put in full order, and all garbage will be taken to a landfill.

Payment for work and guarantee:


The customer accepts the work and after signing the certificate of completion, makes the final calculation. All work performed is guaranteed for 12 months.

Who are we so proud of?

Our company employs professionals who love their work and do it with full responsibility. And we all love and respect our customers! Each employee tries to do all the work at the highest level, so that the customer is as comfortable as possible in the process of cooperation with our company.

All our team

Rigid selection of personnel

To become a member of our team, each employee must prove his level of competence in practice. To maintain a high level of knowledge, all our employees regularly undergo training (in-company and on-site training).

Do you want to work with us?

If you are confident in your knowledge and want to work in our company, then fill out the form.

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Why choose us?

We, as a responsible company, try to be ahead of the construction market and know what is important for the customer. We hear it, we know it and we do it. Our strengths:

(without loss of quality)

Quick departure, quick calculation of estimates, prompt purchase of building materials. Start of work the next day after signing the contract and receiving an advance payment for the purchase and delivery of all building materials.

Fair price

We provide a detailed estimate for the work performed, as well as all checks for purchased building and repair materials.

Legal Security

We work through a contract with transparent working conditions.

Quality assurance

All work performed is guaranteed for 12 months.

Ease to work

Throughout the work, we correspond in Viber, Telegram and you receive all reports in a Google folder (Photos and videos about the work performed, a report on the money spent, etc.).

We are open to our clients

Working with us you are completely protected from any risks.

Payment only upon completion of work, and after completion you are protected by a guarantee from our company, the terms of which, all work included in the insured event, will be performed free of charge.

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