Our team

Our team is a talented team of professionals united by common goals and values. Each employee is an important link in the overall activities of the company and contributes to its development and success.

For the customer, we guarantee that with our team you will resolve all issues in the shortest possible time with an optimal budget with a minimum waste of personal time.

Our experience, result orientation, responsibility and commitment help us better understand market needs and maintain high standards of customer service.

We could follow the pattern and introduce ourselves that way.

This is all, of course, true, but we would like to tell about ourselves in a more original, sincere and open way.

So, let's get acquainted.

Work for you

Bayrak Alexey Alekseevich


“The ability to implement interesting projects and help a large number of people is the driving force that helps me create and run this business.”

I have been working in the construction industry since 2008.

Ivanchenko Sergey Ivanovich

Chief Engineer

I know how to properly perform all construction and repair work and am responsible for monitoring their implementation.


I have been working in the construction industry since 1996.

Sergienko Dmitry Ivanovich

Engineer estimator

I love working with numbers. This is real magic. I know what the whole object consists of and I can disassemble it "by molecules".

I have been working in construction as a construction engineer since 2012.

Feodoseeva Galiva Ivanovna

Chief Accountant

Being an accountant is very responsible and I am happy to cope with the tasks.

I have been an accountant since 1993.

Stepashin Oleg

Sales Manager

I am your friend and helper. I will answer all your questions. Contact us!


I have been working in sales since 2014.

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