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Installation of carports in Kyiv and Kyiv region

Carports for the vehicle - an excellent solution for the safety of the car for many residents of country houses. Such structures are also installed in parking lots, car sites of various enterprises and companies, near commercial buildings, etc. To carry out work on the installation of canopies in Kyiv and the Kyiv region offers "RSK ALBA", whose specialists have extensive experience in this area.

Installation of carports in Kyiv and Kyiv region


How do we do it:

Ways and methods of installation of structures directly depend on the characteristics of the object itself, the specifics of the selected material and the size of the site. We work with any format of canopies, offering the following options:

  • detached and attached;
  • stationary and collapsible;
  • with single-pitched, double-pitched and arched roofs.

In the process of work, a variety of materials can be used. The supports and frame of buildings are usually made of wood, metal, stone or brick. From roofing materials, customers usually choose corrugated board, metal tiles, ondulin, polycarbonate.

Our advantage is the high-quality implementation of all stages of work and the delivery of the finished object in a turnkey format. Canopies in our design will reliably protect the car in any weather, without creating its own microclimate.

How do we do it:

Find out the preliminary cost of the work:

The cost is calculated approximately taking into account the full package of services and the volume specified by you.

A more accurate price will be possible to find out after arriving at the object itself.

The price is affected:

  • - object location;
  • - number and complexity of work;
  • - what material and what technology to work with;
  • - number of preparatory, handling and logistics costs;
  • - due date (compressed or uniform);
  • - prices for building materials;
  • - working time (day / night / around the clock);
  • - ordinary or cramped conditions / work at height;
  • - the presence of good weather;
  • - no interference from external factors (war, strike, blocked streets, significant price increases, natural disasters);
  • - customer decision-making speed;
  • - coherence of work with other contractors;
  • - timely acceptance and payment of work performed.

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