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Construction of houses and cottages in Kyiv and Kyiv region

Construction of houses

Everyone dreams of living in a cozy home. The absence of neighbors behind the wall, fresh air, beloved pets, a beautiful flower garden, a shady garden - all this becomes a reality for those who plan to build a private house at a convenient price.

However, the future owner will have to solve a lot of different problems regarding organizing the process of building a house. The construction company RСС ALBA provides effective assistance in this regard, offering a full range of services in this area.

Construction of houses and cottages in Kyiv and Kyiv region

Houses / Cottages

How do we do it:

Construction of cottages: features of the process

After determining the suitability of the site for development, the main planning process is carried out. It involves the creation of a project, preparation of documentation and estimates, on the basis of which an agreement is concluded with the customer on behalf of the company.

Regarding the project, it is worth noting its two main options. The customer can buy a standard project or order the development of an individual one. In the future, the construction of the cottage involves several stages:

  • Construction of the foundation. It begins after connecting the necessary communications to the future home. For one-story buildings, columnar, monolithic strip and shallow foundations are erected. For cottages of two floors or more, a strip base is recommended.
  • Construction of walls and ceilings. More often, the construction of cottages in Kyiv is carried out using bricks or aerated concrete blocks. In parallel, at this stage, partitions, ceilings and interfloor ceilings are installed.
  • Formation of the roof. This process is extremely important, since the aesthetics of the house and the comfort for its inhabitants depend on the quality of the selected materials and the design of the roof. The most popular options are those with a configuration in the form of hipped roofs, hipped roofs or flat ones.
  • Finishing work. They take place inside and outside the building. The process involves installing windows and doors, insulating the facade, wiring and supplying communications. Next is the treatment of walls and ceilings, installation of floor coverings, installation of plumbing, lighting fixtures, etc.

The format of services from RСС ALBA can be adjusted depending on the wishes and needs of the customer.

Turnkey construction of cottages in Kyiv and the Kyiv region: what are the advantages?

The popularity of this service is due to the following points:

  • Saving the client’s time – the company’s specialists independently carry out construction, purchase and delivery of materials, and also provide supervision of the process.
  • Coordination of the team's work - this makes it possible to avoid technological problems during the transition between stages.
  • Financial stability - the construction of turnkey cottages implies determining the price at the stage of drawing up the estimate without changing it in the future.
  • The most important point is the contractual guarantee. In case of the slightest discrepancies and defects, the customer has the right to file claims with the contractor.

What determines the cost of building a house?

This information can be obtained already during the preparation of the project. The cost of building a house is influenced by the following factors:

  • dimensions of the building and number of floors;
  • specifics of the materials used;
  • transportation costs;
  • number of rooms and premises;
  • complexity of work;
  • necessity for the use of special equipment.

To order a service from RСС ALBA, simply fill out the form on the website or call us by phone.

How do we do it:

Find out the preliminary cost of the work:

The cost is calculated approximately taking into account the full package of services and the volume specified by you.

A more accurate price will be possible to find out after arriving at the object itself.

The price is affected:

  • - object location;
  • - number and complexity of work;
  • - what material and what technology to work with;
  • - number of preparatory, handling and logistics costs;
  • - due date (compressed or uniform);
  • - prices for building materials;
  • - working time (day / night / around the clock);
  • - ordinary or cramped conditions / work at height;
  • - the presence of good weather;
  • - no interference from external factors (war, strike, blocked streets, significant price increases, natural disasters);
  • - customer decision-making speed;
  • - coherence of work with other contractors;
  • - timely acceptance and payment of work performed.

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