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Quality repair, construction and reconstruction services for private, commercial and other objects in Kyiv and Kyiv region

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Find out the preliminary cost of the work:

The cost is calculated approximately taking into account the full package of services and the volume specified by you.

A more accurate price will be possible to find out after arriving at the object itself.

The price is affected:

  • - object location;
  • - number and complexity of work;
  • - what material and what technology to work with;
  • - number of preparatory, handling and logistics costs;
  • - due date (compressed or uniform);
  • - prices for building materials;
  • - working time (day / night / around the clock);
  • - ordinary or cramped conditions / work at height;
  • - the presence of good weather;
  • - no interference from external factors (war, strike, blocked streets, significant price increases, natural disasters);
  • - customer decision-making speed;
  • - coherence of work with other contractors;
  • - timely acceptance and payment of work performed.

Why choose us?

We have:

  • average market reasonable price;

  • supply has been established;

  • daily monitoring of work progress;

  • bringing the object to 100% to full readiness.

We work:

  • under the contract;

  • according to a clear and detailed estimate;

  • in compliance with construction technology and safety regulations.

We provide:

  • daily report on work done and money spent;

  • report on additional work and expenses;

  • regular photo report.

We provide:

  • a guarantee for all work done from 12 to 60 calendar months;

  • insurance for your property after all work is completed.

We work



For all the time we have completed more than



Our team has more


engineers and masters of various specializations

We have over


pieces of tools and equipment

Interested in how we work?

We try to protect our customers and approach the implementation of objects as systematically as possible, more details here:

Who are LLC «RCC ALBA»?

LLC «RCC ALBA» is a company that performs construction and repair work on objects of any purpose. This is a high-quality design and design, installation of engineering networks, performance of all construction works, as well as landscaping of adjacent territories. The company is considered one of the best in Kyiv: we quickly build private houses and cottages, production workshops and garages, warehouse buildings, install fences. With our help, you can easily solve the problems of repairing residential and office premises, shops and boutiques, restaurants and cafes. LLC «RCC ALBA» practices a turnkey service, providing its customers with comfortable conditions for mutual cooperation.

More detailed information about the concept and principles of the company can be found here…

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Dnipro Dnipro

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Donetsk Donetsk

Kyiv Kyiv

Zaporizhzhia Zaporizhzhia

Kharkiv Kharkiv

Odesa Odesa

Irpin Irpin

Vyshhorod Vyshhorod

Bucha Bucha

Gostomel Gostomel

Pohreby Pohreby

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Ремонт кровли в с. Хотяновка

На это объекте было выполнено нашими мастерами: демонтаж старой шиферной кровли, демонтаж рубероида, частичный демонтаж старой обрешетки, усиление установленной стропильной системы и укрепление существующей обрешетки...

Укладка тротуарной плитки в с.Крушинка

На этом объекте нашими мастерами было выполнено: уборку травы, снятие и вывоз земли, разбивку осей, утрамбовку основания...

Ремонт квартиры «под ключ» в ЖК «ParkLand»

На этом объекте нашими мастерами было выполнено: демонтаж и вывоз мусора, электромонтаж (черновой / чистовой), сантехмонтаж (черновой / чистовой), монтаж гипсокартона...

Строительство склада для готовой продукции

На этом объекте нашими мастерами было выполнено: уборку и вывоз мусора, устройство усиленного фундамента, изготовление и сбор металлоконструкций...

Ремонт «под ключ» кафе быстрого питания «BurgerMax» в ТРЦ «Dream Town»

На этом объекте нашими мастерами было выполнено: демонтаж предыдущего кафе, сбор и вывоз мусора, перепланировка и возведение новых стен, разводка черновой электропроводки...

Ремонт квартиры «под ключ» в ЖК Варшавский

На этом объекте нашими мастерами было выполнено: демонтаж старых стен и возведение новых, сбор и вывоз мусора, разводка черновой электропроводки...

We are open to our clients

Working with us you are completely protected from any risks.

Payment only upon completion of work, and after completion you are protected by a guarantee from our company, the terms of which, all work included in the insured event, will be performed free of charge.

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