Roof installation in Kyiv and Kyiv region

Roofing work in Kyiv: fast, reliable, flawless

The roof is the main element of the building, on which the warmth, comfort and coziness in the house depend. Its arrangement involves preliminary planning, taking into account the features and specifics of the object. The roof of the roof is erected using all kinds of materials that make it possible to obtain specific indicators of moisture, heat resistance, wind resistance, etc. Services of this kind are offered by the construction company RСC ALBA, offering it to both individuals and legal entities.

Roof installation in Kyiv and Kyiv region


How do we do it:

What materials are used in Kyiv and the Kyiv region for roofing?

The specific operation of this type of raw material is constant exposure to weather conditions. Therefore, only high-strength materials that can withstand moisture, low temperatures, ultraviolet radiation, and strong gusts of wind are used for work. The highest quality and most reliable roofing is obtained from:

  • fiber cement tiles - based on cement, fiber fibres, cellulose and mineral fillers;
  • corrugated sheeting – is a metal sheet made of galvanized steel, produced by cold rolling;
  • metal tiles - the price of a roof made from this material is quite affordable, and it is recommended to customers in the form of steel, aluminum or copper sheets with a polymer coating;
  • composite tiles - the material includes several layers with a steel base, treated with zinc or alloy;

Experts also use seam roofing and natural tiles - products that are characterized by increased strength and wear resistance.

Roofing work in Kyiv and the Kyiv region: what are the features of the process?

To properly arrange the roof, you should take into account the sequence of stages and compliance with the rules of technology. The process itself involves the following:

  • installation of rafters;
  • laying steam, heat and waterproofing;
  • installation of the sheathing structure and formation of the counter-lattice;
  • direct installation roofing work;
  • creation of additional elements in the form of cornices, grooves, skates, etc.;
  • drainage formation.

The company's list of services includes current and major repairs, installation of attic windows, dormer windows, etc.

Advantages of roofing work from RСС ALBA: price and other aspects

Activities of this kind certainly require knowledge and experience in the roofing business. Not all builders can work in this direction with high quality, so the service should be entrusted to real professionals - the craftsmen of the RСС ALBA company. We offer affordable prices for roofing work, providing the following benefits:

  • quality – decent work experience allows us to provide guarantees of quality to our customers;
  • cost-effectiveness - in the contract we indicate a price that does not change during the process of performing the service;
  • reliability - when planning, specialists draw up an estimate that includes all stages and aspects of roofing work;
  • strict adherence to previously established deadlines.

The company installs roofs with original designs, providing decorative cladding and finishing with various materials.

How are prices for roofing work determined?

For each individual project, the cost of the service will be different. The formation of the final figure is influenced by several factors:

  • number of storeys of the building;
  • roof dimensions;
  • structural features of the roof;
  • type of material used;
  • place and time of work.

Roof repairs also require roofing work - the price in this case depends on the condition of its structure.

To order a service, use the form on the website of the construction company "RСС ALBA". If necessary, we provide advice on choosing the type of roof, building materials, and also calculate the approximate cost of the work.

Our craftsmen work with such materials as:

  • corrugated sheet
  • metal tiles
  • bitumen shingles
  • slate
  • roofing felt
  • PVC membrane and polyurea
  • ceramic tiles
  • galvanized steel with polymer coating
  • cement-sand tiles
  • composite tiles
  • straw

The high level of skill of the company’s employees allows us to perform different types of roofs:

  • single-slope and double-slope;
  • hip and half-hip;
  • tent;
  • multi-pincer and broken;
  • domed and conical;
  • combined.

In addition, the list of our services includes the ability to install a drainage system, remove old roofing, hem roof overhangs, install canopies, awnings, etc.

How do we do it:


RСC ALBA - laying paving slabs in the village of Lisne

Everything is fine! Everything was fast. I'm happy.

5/ 5



RСC ALBA - remote support for the project of a private booth near the metro station Krivy Rig

We contacted the company to create a project "from scratch". The project was carried out remotely. There were no difficulties in communication. All our wishes are taken into account. I recommend these professionals to everyone.

5/ 5



RСC ALBA - execution of industrial flooring in Kotsyubynsk

The work is done perfectly. The guys do everything in a timely manner and with high quality. We will continue to work with them. We are glad.

5/ 5



Renovation of a kindergarten in Kyiv

I would like to note 3 main and most important factors after working with Oleksii: 1. Pricing policy - fully invested in the budget that was expected. 2. The quality of work is impeccable. 3. Deadlines - everything turned out clearly and within certain deadlines. Therefore, I recommend the company. We are satisfied.

5/ 5



RСC ALBA - decoration of the facade of the house in the village of Khotyanivka

Many thanks, Oleksiy Oleksiyovych, everything is very prompt, very responsible guys. There will be pennies - we will apply again. thank you

5/ 5



RСC ALBA - paving + paving slabs + retaining wall + fence

I want to say that God sent you to me. Your people are specialists, they do it quickly and efficiently. Thank you very much.

5/ 5



Construction of a turnkey farm block in the village of Rozhny, Kyiv region

The company built a turnkey farm block in the village of Rozhny, Kyiv region. Paving tiles were also laid, garbage was removed. I recommend)

5/ 5



RСC ALBA - Carport roofing in the village of Sviatopetrivske, Kyiv region

The polycarbonate roof was replaced with corrugated sheets, the sides were made with PVC, everything was done with high quality, it was done conscientiously. Thanks to the company, thanks to the employees. I recommend!

5/ 5



RСC ALBA - Construction of a turnkey house in Kyiv and the Kyiv region (customer feedback).

We worked creatively, all the customer’s “wishes” are implemented quickly, we don’t complain about the quality, we are satisfied and happy that we have the opportunity to live in a cozy house. Thank you.

5/ 5



The blind area around the house in the village of Guta-Mezhigorskaya

The guys work professionally, do everything on time and well. Price/quality - consistent.

5/ 5



Оцінка 5 базується на 29 відгуках клієнтів


Types of roofs of private houses

  • flat
  • half-hip
  • cruciform
  • multi-gable with gables
  • hip hip
  • attic
  • attic half-hip
  • semi-attic
  • attic hip
  • forceps
  • multi-forceps
  • single-slope
  • single-slope combined
  • gable
  • gable combined
  • gable hip
  • single-pitched gear
  • gable with extension
  • butterfly shape
  • tunnel type
  • hip four-slope
  • hip shape tent
  • hip combined
  • gable with bay window

Prices for roofing roofs of houses in Kyiv in 2024

Installation work:

  • installation of Mauerlat and rafter system - from 300 UAH/m2
  • installation of sheathing - from 140 UAH/m2
  • installation of counter-lattice - from 100 UAH/m2

Roof insulation:

  • installation of vapor barrier - from 60 UAH/m2
  • installation of waterproofing - from 60 UAH/m2
  • installation of thermal insulation (insulation) - from 150 UAH/m2
  • laying underlay carpet under soft tiles - from 100 UAH/m2

Installation of finishing materials:

  • metal tiles / corrugated sheets - from 250 UAH/m2
  • bitumen shingles - from 300 UAH/m2
  • cement-sand tiles from 350 UAH/m2
  • slate / ondulin - from 200 UAH/m2
  • roofing felt - from 150 UAH/m2 (in 1 ball) and from 250 UAH/m2 (in 2 balls)
  • PVC membranes - from 120 UAH/m2
  • ceramic tiles - from 350 UAH/m2
  • cement-based tiles - from 300 UAH/m2
  • composite tiles - from 300 UAH/m2
  • clickfold - from 300 UAH/m2

Roof overhang lining:

  • Soffit installation - from 300 UAH/m/p
  • Installation of lining - from 300 UAH/m/p

Additional work:

  • wood treatment with fire-bioprotection - from 1000 UAH/m3
  • installation of caps/vanes on the chimney - from 800 UAH/piece
  • installation of drainage system (drains) - pipe/gutter - from 200 UAH/m/p
  • installation of aerators - from 450 UAH/piece

How to calculate roof slope?

To do this, just divide the height of the roof covering by its length, multiplying it all by 100.

What finishing materials do we use for roofing?

  • metal tiles
  • bitumen shingles
  • profiled sheet
  • ceramic tiles
  • PVC membrane
  • slate
  • rebated flooring / clickfold
  • cement-sand tiles
  • slate tiles
  • composite tiles
  • roofing felt
  • reed

Find out the preliminary cost of the work:

The cost is calculated approximately taking into account the full package of services and the volume specified by you.

A more accurate price will be possible to find out after arriving at the object itself.

The price is affected:

  • - object location;
  • - number and complexity of work;
  • - what material and what technology to work with;
  • - number of preparatory, handling and logistics costs;
  • - due date (compressed or uniform);
  • - prices for building materials;
  • - working time (day / night / around the clock);
  • - ordinary or cramped conditions / work at height;
  • - the presence of good weather;
  • - no interference from external factors (war, strike, blocked streets, significant price increases, natural disasters);
  • - customer decision-making speed;
  • - coherence of work with other contractors;
  • - timely acceptance and payment of work performed.

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