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What is affected by the number of cameras in a double-glazed window? How to choose warm window?

The number of glasses greater than 3 only affects sound insulation. And to improve the thermal insulation properties, it is worth paying attention to double-glazed windows with an energy-saving layer and a chamber filled with an inert gas, such as argon.

Why should you contact us for electrical installation questions? specialists?

Organizing reliable and 100% safe wiring is a task that can only be accomplished by a specialist who knows and complies with the latest edition of the PUE. Poor installation, selection of incorrect protection relay parameters, or simply incorrect selection of cable can be deadly and will certainly become a time bomb. We provide a mandatory guarantee for the electrical installation work performed. We value our reputation very much.

Which flooring to choose for the kitchen?

When choosing flooring for the kitchen, you should give preference to tiles or porcelain stoneware. The fundamental advantage over laminate, linoleum and other coatings is the high moisture resistance of this material. But, nevertheless, it is also necessary to do waterproofing in this room, because... moisture can still penetrate through the joints between tiles. The only disadvantage of this material is its cold surface, but a warm floor will completely solve this problem.

Is it possible to brick up pipes in a toilet during renovation?

The easiest way to close the pipes in the toilet is to install a plasterboard box, on which the tiles are subsequently laid. This allows, if necessary, to partially disassemble and reassemble the box with minimal effort. And to inspect water meters or replace them, a small hatch is always installed; you can make it hidden under the tiles.

How many people work simultaneously at one site?

It all depends on the technology of work. As a rule, at each stage the work is performed by a certain specialist. And depending on the specifics and technology of the work, the number of employees can vary from 1 to several dozen people.

What should I pay attention to when choosing one or another? project?

  • Firstly, you must decide for what purpose you need a house, for seasonal or year-round residence.
  • Secondly, get acquainted with the technical characteristics and technology of work. The following is a detailed analysis of each item, namely: ceiling height, thickness of external walls, thickness of insulation, floor finishing board, type of roof (broken or straight), type roof covering, type of foundation, internal layout, number of windows and doors, etc.

What coverings would you recommend to us?

There is a common misconception that monolithic floors increase the load-bearing capacity of a house. In fact, the type of floors does not affect the load-bearing capacity. Wooden beams are cheaper, but they are noisier and may begin to creak over time. As for the monolith, it is advisable to lay it when the dimensions of the house are incorrect or the rooms are large, which does not allow laying floor slabs. If the rooms are level, there are no staircases or openings for chimneys, then it is better to lay floor slabs. Therefore, the type of flooring largely depends on the type of house, the feasibility of using certain materials and the financial capabilities of the customer. We can confidently recommend the type of flooring once we see the layout of your future home.

Do I need to remove furniture during the work?

We strongly recommend moving all household items to another location to preserve their appearance and functionality. Even cosmetic repairs involve a lot of dust, not to mention demo screeds and chiselling of walls. If necessary, our specialists will independently disassemble the furniture, take it to a pre-rented warehouse and, after completing the work, return it unchanged. In order to save money and time on transportation, the last option - to protect furniture and other items - is to carefully cover everything with protective film and corrugated cardboard .

Is it necessary to replace pipes during repairs?

Major repairs are impossible without replacing old cast iron or steel water supply and sewerage pipes. Modern pipes are made of metal-plastic and PVC, their service life reaches up to 80 years. These pipes are easy to install, do not require welding, and no deposits form on the pipe walls during operation.

What does electrical installation work include?

Here is a list of the main works that we carry out as part of electrical installation:

  • Connecting private houses and cottages to electrical networks.
  • Installation of electrical wiring in cable ducts, grooves, corrugation, HDPE or metal pipes.
  • Installation of electricity meters, electrical panels, automatic machines, RCDs, voltage relays, time relays, load priority and others.
  • Installation of chandeliers and other lamps.
  • Installation of switches, sockets, switches, distribution boxes; connection electrical equipment (water heaters, hobs, pumps, etc.).
  • Installation and connection of heated floors.
  • Other electrical installation work as agreed with the customer.

What is the best way to decorate the wall in the hallway?

Wallpaper is considered a classic option for decorating walls in the hallway of an apartment. If you choose the right wallpaper, you can visually expand the room. Also no less popular is textured plaster or water-based paint that is resistant to abrasion. Another option is to install MDF wall panels or cover it with furniture.

Is it possible to leave workers alone in an apartment?

As a rule, this is always what happens.

How to choose the size of the house?

When choosing the size of a house, you should be guided not only by your material resources, but also by the composition of your family. For a comfortable stay, a person needs about 30 sq.m. living space. This means that for a family of 4 people a house with an area of 120 square meters is enough. m. (although based on our practice, 100 sq.m. is enough). If you build a house with a larger area, then perhaps in the future some of the premises will be empty, and if it is smaller, then this may cause discomfort among its inhabitants. In addition, when considering the issue of the area of the house, do not forget that all rooms will have to be heated and time will be spent on cleaning them. Another 10-20 sq. m. will be spent on corridors, storage rooms, stairs and dressing rooms. An important point to pay attention to is the size of the plot on which the house stands. It is unlikely that it would be advisable to build a large house on a small area of land, because in warm weather the site is no less important.

Should the second floor be attic or full?

First of all, it depends on the wishes of the customer. You just need to take into account that the attic
the floor will cost much less, since the walls are erected lower and there is no need for attic floor. But the attic floor also has disadvantages - due to the slope of the roof, the usable space inside the second floor is reduced.

Is it possible to find out approximately the cost of services before calling? measurer?

To do this you need:
1. Go to the website in the calculator section -
2. Click the "Calculate yourself" button.
3. Select the required service in the required section.
4. Write the quantity (pcs, m2, m3, m/p, etc.) + click the “Add to estimate” button.
5. After all selected services, scroll down to the “Your estimate” section. Check if everything is correct or if you need to add or remove something (to remove it, there is a “Delete” button).
6. Then fill in all the information about yourself and click the “Download estimate” button. To your PC (or phone) download a preliminary estimate in PDF format, which is convenient to view or print.
7. If you are satisfied with the offer, all you have to do is dial the indicated numbers and
agree when our specialist will come to you for detailed measurements of all work,
so that our estimator can then draw up a detailed estimate based on these measurements.

What is “European-quality renovation”?

This concept appeared in the mid-90s of the last century. It can rather be called colloquial than formal. That’s why everyone calls different types “European-quality renovation.” finishing. For some it’s an abundance of decor, for others it’s a carefully crafted design, for others it’s expensive materials. In most cases, “European-quality renovation” refers to high-quality finishing using a harmonious design concept and exclusive materials - for example, marble, textile wallpaper, genuine leather, rare wood species and others.

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