Construction of carports in Kyiv and Kyiv region

When buying a car, you should definitely think through the features of its storage in advance. Otherwise, the vehicle, under the influence of the external environment, will begin to lose the necessary performance and design qualities. That is why car expenses include the need to purchase a garage.

Those who live in a private house or have a country plot for a summer cottage may want to think about erecting a special protective structure. Our company, which has its own production, offers the construction of carports for various projects. You can actually trust us, since we work on both standard and custom projects, taking into account the wishes and requirements of a specific order.

Construction of carports in Kyiv and Kyiv region

Construction of carports

How do we do it:

Construction of carports: main types and materials

In terms of location, the carport can be attached or separate. In the first case, it is adjacent to the surface of the wall of a house, outbuilding, fence, implying the need to erect supports or a pair of walls. Individual buildings are erected independently from other objects.

The classification of canopies in terms of the material used provides several covering options. The supports themselves are usually built from metal, stone, timber or profile. As for the canopy itself, the range of materials used here is quite large:

  • Tree. Such products look extremely stylish, but at the same time they require periodic treatment with protective substances from moisture and ultraviolet radiation. A gable carport is made mainly from wood, since this format looks extremely organic.
  • Metal. The construction of a metal canopy involves the use of sheets of metal tiles made of steel with a special anti-corrosion coating. Corrugated sheeting can also be used - a sheet of metal made of thin steel that can easily withstand moisture and temperature changes.
  • Polycarbonate. It is an extremely durable polymer that comes in a range of colors. A polycarbonate canopy is lightweight, provides excellent protection from bad weather, provides very reasonable prices for products of this type, and such canopies last a very long time.

As for the configuration, canopies can be made in different shapes - in the form of an arch, with one or two slopes. The installation of each of these options provides for certain specifics of the work performed.

Why should the construction of a carport be entrusted to specialists?

There are many advantages to constructing such buildings. Among the most important are the following:

  • relative cheapness of arrangement, since the canopy does not require a foundation;
  • efficiency of assembly of the structure;
  • with the right choice of project, such canopies fit perfectly into the exterior of the facility;
  • the consent of neighbors for the construction of a canopy is not required;
  • effective vehicle protection at any time of the year.

Such structures are installed not only in private properties, but also near apartment buildings, offices, restaurants, and in parking lots. They are also needed by industrial enterprises, public services, and other facilities.

Each of these options requires correct calculations and optimal selection of material. That is why it is best to seek help from professionals if necessary.

We fully guarantee the quality of our work, we will help you draw up a construction plan, manufacture all components, and carry out installation. In addition, you can purchase the necessary products from us, since we offer a large selection of construction products. To apply for an order, call or write to us.

How do we do it:


RСC ALBA - renovation of an apartment in Kyiv on the street Polar

5/ 5



RСC ALBA - Construction of a fence from the decorative block TM "Golden Mandarin" in the city of Irpin

5/ 5



RСC ALBA - laying paving slabs in the village of Lisne

Everything is fine! Everything was fast. I'm happy.

5/ 5



RСC ALBA - remote support for the project of a private booth near the metro station Krivy Rig

We contacted the company to create a project "from scratch". The project was carried out remotely. There were no difficulties in communication. All our wishes are taken into account. I recommend these professionals to everyone.

5/ 5



RСC ALBA - execution of industrial flooring in Kotsyubynsk

The work is done perfectly. The guys do everything in a timely manner and with high quality. We will continue to work with them. We are glad.

5/ 5



Renovation of a kindergarten in Kyiv

I would like to note 3 main and most important factors after working with Oleksii: 1. Pricing policy - fully invested in the budget that was expected. 2. The quality of work is impeccable. 3. Deadlines - everything turned out clearly and within certain deadlines. Therefore, I recommend the company. We are satisfied.

5/ 5



RСC ALBA - decoration of the facade of the house in the village of Khotyanivka

Many thanks, Oleksiy Oleksiyovych, everything is very prompt, very responsible guys. There will be pennies - we will apply again. thank you

5/ 5



RСC ALBA - paving + paving slabs + retaining wall + fence

I want to say that God sent you to me. Your people are specialists, they do it quickly and efficiently. Thank you very much.

5/ 5



Construction of a turnkey farm block in the village of Rozhny, Kyiv region

The company built a turnkey farm block in the village of Rozhny, Kyiv region. Paving tiles were also laid, garbage was removed. I recommend)

5/ 5



RСC ALBA - Carport roofing in the village of Sviatopetrivske, Kyiv region

The polycarbonate roof was replaced with corrugated sheets, the sides were made with PVC, everything was done with high quality, it was done conscientiously. Thanks to the company, thanks to the employees. I recommend!

5/ 5



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Types of canopies and their features

Location of awnings

  • Attached
  • Freestanding

Canopies according to the shape of the base

  • Rectangular
  • Square
  • Round
  • Oval
  • Combined
  • Irregular shape

Types of canopy roofs

  • Gable roof
  • Shed roof
  • Multi-pitched roof (hip and combined)
  • Flat roof
  • Arched/semi-arched roof

What materials do we build canopies from?

To build the canopy frame, we use standard profile pipes of rectangular or square cross-section.

For roofing we use:

  • cellular polycarbonate
  • monolithic polycarbonate
  • corrugated sheet
  • metal tiles
  • bitumen shingles

How thick should polycarbonate be for a canopy?

Depends on the sheathing of the canopy.

If the distance between the crossbars is less than 50 centimeters, you can use polycarbonate with a thickness of 6 mm.

From 50 to 100 centimeters - 8 mm material.

And if the distance is 1 meter or more, then it is recommended to use polycarbonate of at least 10 mm.

Our works: Construction of carports.

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Find out the preliminary cost of the work:

The cost is calculated approximately taking into account the full package of services and the volume specified by you.

A more accurate price will be possible to find out after arriving at the object itself.

The price is affected:

  • - object location;
  • - number and complexity of work;
  • - what material and what technology to work with;
  • - number of preparatory, handling and logistics costs;
  • - due date (compressed or uniform);
  • - prices for building materials;
  • - working time (day / night / around the clock);
  • - ordinary or cramped conditions / work at height;
  • - the presence of good weather;
  • - no interference from external factors (war, strike, blocked streets, significant price increases, natural disasters);
  • - customer decision-making speed;
  • - coherence of work with other contractors;
  • - timely acceptance and payment of work performed.

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