Team or company: who is more profitable to choose?


This is the eternal problem and the struggle between "how I want" and "how can I". Here you need to decide what is more important for you. Both in a separate team and in a construction company, there are “+” and “-”. With regards to each performer, there are fears and disagreements. Let's take a look at some, shall we?

  Construction company Private brigade Conclusion
      СС PB
Payment for measurement 80% of insurance companies charge money for departure. They don't take 20%.
If this is fundamentally important, then you need to look for an insurance company that does not charge for a measurement visit.
80% of black and white do not charge money for departure. They charge 20%. If this is fundamentally important, then you need to look for a black-and-white that does not charge for a measurement visit. - +
If you want to save money already at this stage, then it is better to look for a contractor who does not charge for the visit and in most cases it will be a team or a private master.
Fear of the unknown When working with an insurance company, you, as a customer, are provided with a full package of permits, as well as documented customer reviews, there is a corporate website, all specialists with special education, there is a stationary office where you can come at any time. There are no permitting documents, you rarely meet a specialist with a specialized education, there is no permanent office, which does not give confidence in the integrity of the work. Everything is discussed “in the car” / on site / in a cafe. + -
Before starting work, you naturally need to check who will do the work for you. To do this you need to find out all the necessary information. If you are working for the first time, then it is better to have as many supporting documents as possible about the professional suitability of the craftsmen.
Correctness of budgeting In order to correctly draw up an estimate, almost every insurance company has an estimate engineer, a superintendent engineer, and a supplier who will describe to you in detail and explain what will be done for what and how much money will be needed for it. An estimate is a document that takes into account all the costs of work, all additional costs and all costs of future materials (with the name of each material and articles, which will allow you to regulate the cost of repair or construction at the preparation stage. The estimate is an integral document and is signed together with agreement. Rarely will a separate team be able to give you a detailed and understandable estimate for all types of work and all the necessary materials, because in 99.99% of cases there is no cost estimate engineer among the craftsmen. In the best case, you will have approximate prices for all the work, which, as a rule, do not give an overall picture of the costs of the entire repair. There are individual craftsmen who can only calculate for you their part of the future repair (work and materials). + -
When working with the company, the customer receives a ready-made solution in the form of a detailed and understandable estimate, which allows him to plan his budget.
The company calculates the estimate taking into account discounts on building materials, because it has an established reputation and all suppliers try to give the lowest price.
When working with a private team, the customer himself will act as an estimator and bring together all the different calculations for work from different teams into one common table. At the same time, double-check prices for materials by calling different suppliers.
Cost of work IC employees perform various functions to ensure that all work is completed with high quality, in compliance with the budget, in compliance with technology and on time.
HR – selects the best specialists.
The foreman controls these craftsmen.
The designer will draw up working drawings according to which your house will need to be built in the future.
Designer - comes up with harmonious and comfortable interiors.
Estimator - competently calculates the estimate.
Supplier – purchases and delivers all construction materials at the right time.
Accountant – keeps all records of money, which allows you to have all the necessary information at the time you need.
The director manages this entire process so that you receive the service in one hand and in a complete form.
This will immediately increase the cost of the budget by 20% -30%. At the same time, you, as a customer, mind your own business and allow professionals to do this work for you.
The cost of work for the brigade is naturally lower than for the insurance company. In this case, the customer must completely stop worrying about his life and work, and focus only on his construction (otherwise the costs of rework will exceed all allowable planned savings).
At the same time, the PB k cannot give a clear cost of all future work and guarantee that nothing more will be “added” during the work.
When choosing a black and white project, the customer must independently study the entire construction technology, learn how to correctly calculate estimates, monitor the entire project + organize the purchase and delivery of all construction materials, find all the necessary craftsmen for each stage of the work, purchase the missing tools and equipment. Independently maintain all spreadsheets with expenses, collect receipts, take photographs of everything, keep safety logs, etc.
- +
If you look only from a cost point of view, then working with a private team is cheaper than working with a construction company. Taking into account that the customer will independently do all the work of various highly specialized specialists (who work in the insurance company).
Tool СС specifically buys professional tools because their performance and durability are higher. A separate employee is responsible for proper operation. We have our own warehouse. There is no downtime due to lack of tools. They use the tools “that they have,” because they cannot always afford to allocate enough money to buy all the tools, because they are not convenient to carry with them (scaffolding, concrete bags, plastering stations, etc.).
They may be idle because there is no specialized tool (the customer buys it or rents it).
+ -
The PB Bank simply cannot financially afford to have all the necessary tools. Therefore, this part of the costs falls on the customer (purchase or rental + delivery).
Craftsmen and engineering staff. The CC selects employees who have passed a special selection according to the criteria established by the company's organizational policy.
There are enough different teams in the IC database so that in the event of an emergency (illness, conflict, etc.) it is possible to quickly arrange a replacement without stopping work.
In PB is selected “who can do something” is selected (from friends, neighbors, relatives). In this case, the customer will look for individual craftsmen for a separate area of work and “link” their work. + -
In this regard, CC wins. The customer does not need to know all the craftsmen. He can only communicate with one foreman.
When working with an CC, there is no downtime and deadlines are not missed.
The CC employs highly specialized craftsmen.
PB workers employ “jack-of-all-trades” workers, which reduces the quality of work and lengthens deadlines.
Payment Payment is made in stages with official confirmation of receipt of money (to the company’s account). In the best case, the transfer of money is secured by writing a receipt for receipt of money and this does not provide a 100% guarantee that the team will fulfill all agreements and will not lose the advance + -
Only officially confirmed documents guarantee the safety of confidential cooperation and remove all risks in critical moments.
Object completion date An agreement is concluded on the fulfillment of work deadlines. The CC itself is interested in getting the job done faster, because all the conditions are there for this: there are enough craftsmen, enough tools, logistics for the purchase and delivery of all materials have been established, there is a project manager who monitors compliance with deadlines. Verbal agreement only. As a rule, there are a lot of reasons why we didn’t have time.
It will be difficult for the customer to “link” all the craftsmen so that everything is completed within the agreed time frame.
Also, the deadlines will be delayed due to illness or a change in craftsmen, if you independently import all construction materials.
+ -
If meeting deadlines is critically important, then it is better for the CC to handle this. If there is “a whole carload of time”, then you can organize everything yourself or use the services of the PB.
Uncertainty about the contractor's permanence and stability CC are legal entities that have a centralized office and all permits. You won’t be able to “escape the scene of the crime” quickly. Only reviews from friends. If something goes wrong, the number changes and the performer is almost impossible to find. Claims can only be made to a friend who recommended this team, which may worsen the relationship with him. + -
If your project is expensive, then you should record all agreements in writing and work only with trusted contractors.
Low qualification of the performer The CC is responsible for the selection of personnel to the customer and can provide documented feedback on the work done. The quality is checked by an independent expert and the company’s technical supervision. The quality of work is specified in the contract and regulated by building codes. The qualifications of the team can only be assessed by the results of the work performed. As insurance, teams that have done the work for someone they know are usually hired. + -
If the customer needs a responsible contractor in one person, then it is better to work with someone who can be “asked”.
Formality The CC operates on the basis of a construction license. The team works based on its own desire. + -
If the customer thinks about his legal security, then it is better to work with the contractor who has all the permits.
Training The CC conducts training for all office employees, workers undergo scheduled training, and constantly check, analyze and improve the qualifications and competence of all employees. They learn on the job, which affects quality, timing and cost. Some clients may become participants in such an “experiment.” + -
If you don’t want to buy unnecessary materials and waste extra time, it’s better to work with those who know for sure that their craftsmen are masters of their craft.
Reputation CC performs high-quality work because it values its name and customers. The brigade is not always interested in its reputation, the main thing is “to make money today.” + -
Duration of cooperation The CC is developing and has been working steadily for many years. It will be possible to place orders for children and grandchildren. As long as there is a team, so much work is being done. If the leader “falls out”, then the team “scatters” + -
Territory of service coverage and the ability to perform work in parallel Due to its branches and partners, it is possible to work throughout Ukraine. As a rule, they work only in their city (district) and do only their part of the work. + -
When working with the CC, you can perform work on several objects in parallel. This format is suitable for legal entities.
Guarantee The СС monitors its completed projects during the warranty period, and also maintains relations with the client after the warranty period. If something needs to be redone during the warranty period, the insurance company will do it absolutely free of charge. As a rule, the relationship ends after all work is completed, before any problems arise. As a rule, black and white can come up with a “story” why they won’t redo this marriage. + -
In this case, advice to all customers is to always work with a “responsible head” and not with “working hands”. This will give you a guarantee that if a situation arises in which something needs to be redone, your contractor will fulfill its obligations.
Purchase and theft of goods and materials (inventory) from the site Inventory and materials are delivered and purchased for each type of work, their safety is guaranteed by the company. For this purpose, there is a security service, logs are kept, and video surveillance is installed if necessary. All goods and materials are purchased at once, their safety is the responsibility of the customer. Due to the fact that there are not always qualified estimators, the material is purchased “by eye” or purchased additionally “on the fly”, which does not bring convenience to the client. Moments of theft are possible, because not all people in the team are responsible and their work is not supported by documents. + -
To prevent theft, when working with the СС, there is a log of receipt of construction materials, in which records are kept of what, in what quantity and when was brought to the site. The PB does not keep such logs and it is impossible to trace the movement and availability of all construction materials.
Alcohol All foremen sign a contract and rules of conduct at the site. The foreman monitors the implementation of these rules DAILY. When such a case is discovered, such a master immediately resigns and pays a huge fine. Therefore, such cases are excluded from practice as much as possible.
In this case, the object continues without interruption, because A new master comes to replace such a guilty person and the work continues.
In PB alcohol is often present and it is the responsibility of the customer to control that the craftsmen at the site do not drink alcohol. + -
If you don’t want to waste your nerves and time, then it’s better to delegate the function of control over this issue to the person responsible for this object (in the CC this is a foreman)
Theft All foremen sign a contract and rules of conduct at the site. The foreman monitors the implementation of these rules DAILY. When such a case is discovered, such a master immediately resigns and pays a huge fine + a police report is written against him and a lawsuit is filed in court. Therefore, such cases are excluded from practice as much as possible.
In this case, the object continues without interruption, because A new master comes to replace such a guilty person and the work continues.
In PB theft of the customer’s materials and belongings is often present, and it is the customer’s responsibility to control that the craftsmen at the site do not steal anything. + -
If you don’t want to waste your nerves and time, then it’s better to delegate the function of control over this issue to the person responsible for this object (in the CC this is a foreman)
Wasted time, money and nerves on correcting errors In order for there to be order at the site, a foreman handles this issue from the CC and the customer “asks” the foreman. If errors are detected in the work, only the customer bears responsibility, financial losses and temporary discomfort. + -
This is one of the most important issues during all construction work.
The customer will pay
- I’ll give the foreman money and he’ll be calm
- with his nerves and his own money and will independently solve all problems that arise
Site visits

For the convenience of the customer, a folder with all the data on this object is created on the company’s server and remote access is given to the customer. In this folder, the customer sees the amount of money issued and spent

- what, when, how much, for what amount the materials were purchased (scans of receipts)

- what and how much work was done

- photos for each stage

- in the "Documents" section there is a contract, receipts, estimates, certificates for work performed, etc. In just 5 minutes you can look at everything through a smartphone and fully understand the situation at the site. With this approach, the customer does not need to travel to the site every day or every week. He can come at will when he has time.

As a rule, not a single team gives a full report on what is happening at the site and the customer regularly needs to come to the site to see for himself what is happening, count the produced material, etc.. + -
If you calculate the cost of 1 visit (taking into account the spent gasoline and lost profits - underearning from your job), then the price for 1 visit is about 2000-3000 UAH (modestly, 50$-100$).
When renovating even a 1-room apartment with independent supervision of the facility, you need to come at least 20 times (delivery of materials, delivery of tools, quality control and quantity of work, answers to many questions, etc.
Those who are concerned with what they are faced with usually hire a contractor who could organize control and service.
In this approach, it is more convenient to work with the CC.

After studying this information, only you decide with whom you work.

brigade or company

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