How much does it cost to renovate a turnkey apartment in Kyiv?


Turnkey apartment renovation is very complicated and expensive. To fully understand how much this service will cost you, you need to pay attention to:

  • it is best to start the repair with a design project, in which there will be a "Specification" section, where all the finishing materials (their number and name) will be written. This will give you the opportunity to take into account all your wishes from the very beginning, so that there are no alterations, as well as monitor the most profitable suppliers;

  • when choosing a contractor, pay attention to how he provides you with an estimate (this is a document that describes in great detail all the work planned to be performed at your facility and materials, everything that will be bought to perform these works). Recommendation - do not purchase "package" solutions, because they do not make it clear what exactly you are paying for. Also, do not work on the "all inclusive" system. Because you need to understand exactly what you are paying for. Also, do not settle for a partial estimate or an estimate "after the fact." You must know all the costs at the very beginning of the repair;

Choosing a team to renovate an apartment

  • in the process of calculating the estimate, you need to pay attention to all additional and possible unforeseen expenses and pledge money with a small margin (about 10%). What are these costs?

Additional (mandatory) expenses: delivery of materials, services of loaders, garbage collection, cleaning.

Unforeseen (possible) expenses: additional services for transport and loaders (when the elevator is turned off), expenses for organizing the construction process (assistance from the local housing office or security, payment for parking), to speed up work - workers leaving at night or on a day off (if need).

  • When buying finishing materials, consider the cost of additional materials (for example, tiles need to be taken 3-5% more for trimming or replacement if damaged);
  • during the purchase of building materials of custom items (jacuzzi, chandeliers, tiles, wallpaper, etc.), check with the supplier for the availability or delivery time (and whether the cost will change);
  • if you have a large apartment and the renovation will last 6-10 months, then it is best to buy all the finishing materials and appliances in advance and put them somewhere in the warehouse (tiles, wallpaper, bath, toilets, washbasins, chandeliers, laminate, batteries, etc. ) so that there is no rise in price or pay for everything and agree with the supplier on the storage of their products in their warehouse;
  • the estimated cost of repairs can be (by work):

* cosmetic repairs - 100-150 $ / m2 on the floor area;

Cosmetic renovation of apartments before and after
* overhaul — 150-250 $/m2 floor area;

major renovation of apartments before and after
* individual / VIP repair - from $ 250 / m2 for the floor area.

VIP apartment renovation before and after

The cost of the entire repair (for reference) is calculated as follows: all work on the floor, ceiling and walls is added and divided by the floor area of ​​the apartment.

The cost depends on:

  • quantity and complexity of works;
  • type of materials;
  • ceiling heights;
  • location of the apartment;
  • working conditions (round the clock, according to the allotted time);
  • the presence of an elevator, a truck entrance;
  • availability of a design project and a clear work plan;
  • payment type.

The cost of materials is also a benchmark for the cost of all work. Most builders know that the cost of labor is approximately equal to the cost of materials (including all additional costs). Therefore, the more expensive the materials, the more expensive the work itself will cost.

Also additional costs for the organizer of all works. This can be a private foreman (but keep in mind that you will have to solve half of the issues together with him) or a construction company that completely takes care of all organizational work and the customer gets a real turnkey apartment renovation.

After you work out all the possible costs and reduce it to an estimate that is understandable to you, then the cost of the entire repair will be clear. Be responsible in this matter.

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