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The interior features of an office space not only affect the comfort of employees, but also the overall impression of customers about the company, because it is the physical office that is the main “face” of any company that works with people. Office renovation necessarily involves a reasonable organization of space. The premises should have enough space to organize the workplace of each employee, enough light and heat. If the premises are rented, the tenant seeks to make repairs with minimal investment. If the premises are purchased, and the company is doing well, substantial funds are allocated for interior design, and every detail is designed in accordance with the philosophy and principles of the company.

However, regardless of the budget and tasks, RСС ALBA specialists recommend that you pay special attention to each stage of repair in the office, as well as try to avoid the main mistakes, which will be discussed in our article.

Where to start renovating the office?

Office renovation in Kyiv and Kyiv region

Before starting repairs in the office space, it is necessary to determine the tasks and the list of works that will help to implement them. The duration, complexity, cost of repairs will depend on the list of works. Depending on the scale and upcoming tasks, repairs in the office can be:

Capital - with redevelopment of premises, complete replacement of engineering systems.
Cosmetic - with the replacement of decorative coatings on the walls, floor, ceiling with new ones, but without large-scale alterations of load-bearing structures and partitions.
Design - a complete transformation of the premises in accordance with the design project drawn up in advance.
Even before contacting RСС ALBA specialists or other craftsmen, the customer must imagine how the space should be organized, how many employees will work in the office and where their workplaces will be located so that the employees themselves are comfortable.

Cosmetic or overhaul?

turnkey office renovation

It is better to determine which repair to prefer, major or cosmetic, after taking into account several factors:

  • Average number of visitors per day. Confirm the image of the company with a well-equipped office.
  • Number of employees. Employees of the company need to provide comfortable working conditions, therefore, with a large staff, redevelopment is indispensable.
  • Location. A modest office space with poor repair will be considered "bad" form in the eyes of customers, especially when compared with leading competitors.
  • Lease term. If the office is rented for 1-2 years, it is worthwhile to correctly calculate the timing of the implementation of repair work and the estimate. It may be worth limiting yourself to inexpensive cosmetic repairs.

As part of a standard refurbishment, the existing decoration of the premises is updated, which allows you to somewhat “refresh” the office or decorate it in accordance with corporate colors. Before planning a repair, you should evaluate the quality of engineering systems and decide whether you need to replace plumbing equipment, electrical wiring, piping, windows and doors. As a rule, cosmetic repairs do not provide for special global changes and reconstructions; they are carried out without taking into account the number of employees and their location.

If it is necessary to transform the premises, but for a reasonable price, a major standard repair is carried out. These repairs include:

  • Replacement of the main engineering systems and plumbing.
  • The choice of a typical room design in the catalog of masters, on the Internet or magazines.
  • Complete replacement of floor, wall, ceiling finishing materials with new, more functional and wear-resistant materials.
  • Redevelopment of the premises in accordance with the number and most comfortable placement of jobs.
  • Drawing up a detailed estimate with the contractor company, including the full cost of all work performed, the timing of implementation, the choice of materials, the responsibility of the parties.
  • Installation of ventilation systems, alarm systems, fire protection, air conditioning and heating systems, if the class of the office requires it.

Designer renovation in the office

Designer renovation in the office

The most high-quality, thoughtful and functional option is an office renovation in accordance with an individual design project. When contacting professionals such as RСС ALBA, you get an exclusive repair, taking into account the slightest needs and tasks:

  • Drawing up an author's design project, which is developed taking into account the concept of the company and the direction of its activities, the schedule of work and the composition of the staff, the target audience and the wishes of the manager and employees.
  • Efficient zoning of space with the organization of the reception, recreation areas for customers and staff.
  • Competent placement of workplaces, taking into account the cardinal points, the most efficient use of space, the needs of each individual employee.
  • Accounting for labor protection and fire safety requirements.
  • Accounting for the requirements for the engineering and technical equipment of a modern office and individual workplaces.

Before starting work with the designer, all the main nuances are discussed, redevelopment issues are resolved, the needs of employees are clarified, and the features of the building itself are taken into account.  

All work is clearly recorded in the contract with the contractor, which allows you to avoid any disagreements and problems during the commissioning of the facility.

Common home renovation mistakes and how to avoid them

The main mistakes when renovating an office and how to avoid them

When renovating an office, the owner or tenant always strives to save money by choosing less expensive materials and ignoring the basic requirements for office space. In order not to face the need for expensive rework in the near future after the repair, we recommend paying special attention to the following errors:

  • Choice of inexpensive materials. The absence of the need for designer repairs does not mean that you should limit yourself to the cheapest finishing materials. Choose imported laminate or porcelain stoneware for flooring, high-quality paint or wallpaper with a protective coating for walls, otherwise, after 6-12 months of intensive use of the premises, new coatings may become unusable.
  • Design errors. Carrying out illegal redevelopment, errors in laying communications and electrical wiring can lead not only to problems in the operation of equipment and the premises as a whole, but also to the risk to the lives of employees.
  • Mistakes in interior design Be serious about choosing the color scheme of the room, furniture and equipment. Be sure to take into account the opinion of each employee and the concept of the company. Do not create an interior that will be uncomfortable for employees and visitors.

To avoid such mistakes, follow the traditional principles of office space design, take into account the opinion of employees, and best of all, trust professional designers and craftsmen. They will find the optimal balance between a beautiful interior, functionality and security and will make your headquarters the most comfortable and efficient place to work!

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