Welding work


Welding is one of the types of technology in the metalworking industry, which is considered the most in demand. Briefly, the essence of this process is explained as the result of heating or plastic deformation of the components being connected.

It is better to order welding work, the price of which depends on the type of welding and volume, from specialized companies that perform the full range of necessary actions. As a rule, such organizations are equipped with all the necessary equipment for working with metal.

Today, welding work is widely used in the construction market and industry. They can be carried out virtually anywhere - both outdoors and indoors, subject to certain labor safety rules. And the use of modern technologies makes it possible to create new methods for creating welds that are characterized by efficiency.

What types of welding work are there?

In terms of power source varieties, welding can be mechanical, thermal or thermomechanical. In the first case, the process occurs without heating with the assistance of increased specific pressure. Thermal, on the contrary, involves heating metals before melting without applying compression. The thermomechanical format of welding requires the presence of special equipment and modern technologies that allow combining the first two types.

From the point of view of other parameters, it is customary to distinguish between the following types of work:

  • Electric arc. In this case, to obtain the required temperature regime, an electric arc is used, which occurs between the end of the electrode and the surface of the workpiece. The end part of the electrode heats up and melts, creating a strong seam after cooling and crystallization.
  • Argon-arc. This type of work is chosen when it is necessary to weld steel, aluminum, stainless steel and some alloys. The process uses special burners running on argon gas from a cylinder.
  • Contact welding. The welding procedure in this case involves heating the surface of the materials to the required temperature, after which the elements being processed are deformed. The main subtypes of such work include seam, relief, butt and spot welding.
  • Gas. This type of work is constantly used when it is necessary to form metal structures, the volume of elements of which is relatively small in diameter. As a rule, these are products made of sheet and tubular steel, as well as components made of carbon metals. The essence of the process is to melt the edges of parts and then introduce filler material into the liquid bath.

In addition to the quality of the work performed, customers are usually interested in how welding work is evaluated; prices are usually determined depending on the chosen welding format, the use of specialized tools, the volume of work and even weather conditions. We carry out various welding works in Kyiv and in the region, providing the opportunity to determine their cost for the customer in advance.

How to calculate welding work

The simplest calculation format is the method of equating prices for work and materials. Moreover, the more complex the task, the higher the level of qualification of welders must be, which also directly affects the cost. Some prefer to base the welding work as a price per point. However, the simplest formula proposed by experts is the following:

  • (A + B) x C + (Dt + Dm + F), the decoding of which is as follows:
  • A – time required for welding work.
  • B - time for transportation to the site;
  • C is the employee’s rate taking into account hourly wages.
  • Dt – finances spent on travel.
  • Dm – compensation for used consumables.
  • F – depreciation of welding equipment.

In addition, the final price is also affected by the cost of the weld. In other words, it is necessary to determine the thickness of the parts being processed, the length and depth of the seam, and the volume of work operations.

These indicators are almost always described in detail in the price list of the company that provides the services. When ordering, all these points are carefully calculated, forming the final amount.

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