Grunge style in the interior: expensive simplicity


The aesthetics of a residential or office space is an extremely important focus for the people who will be in the room. Turning to an experienced designer at the planning stage of renovation and construction allows you to get a lot of advantages.

Thanks to the chosen concept, the customer will avoid annoying mistakes in planning, receive the most thoughtful ergonomics of the space, and save effort and time. Moreover, the design style implies many original directions.

Both in apartments in big cities and in country houses, the grunge style in the interior is gaining popularity; photos of similar solutions can be found in specialized magazines and on construction sites on the Internet. What are the specifics of this style, how decoration is carried out, who is suitable for such an interior - this will be discussed further.

Grunge style in the interior: key features

Стиль гранж в интерьере

The origins of this trend date back to France in the 19th century. Then it became fashionable for aristocrats to decorate their country residences with maximum simplicity, without forgetting elegance. The style received further development a little later, already in the 70s of the last century, in New York. However, the basic principle of the concept remained the same - a combination of simplicity and solidity, without unnecessary details and bright accessories.

Speaking in more detail about the characteristic features that distinguish the grunge style in the interior, the following should be noted:

  • Simplicity and ease

The room must certainly have a lot of light and space. If artificial lighting sources are used, they should emit soft and warm light. The use of gilding and stucco is not allowed; only the most necessary furniture is present.

  • Using natural textures

The key materials used in the design are stone, brick, wood. The original solution is the effect of the original texture of walls, floors, and ceilings. Raw beams at the top and rough stone for the flooring are often used.

  • Color palette of materials

Classic shades - beige, brown, black, gray, white, pastel colors. It is also possible to use a metallic color, which should only be used to highlight accents.

  • Decorative component

Additions to this plan in a grunge interior should be present in minimal quantities. At the same time, the harmony of the combination of decor is extremely important. The most suitable options include creative figurines, original antique lamps, blankets and pillows in the same color tone as the interior.

The choice of furniture implies the priority of style. Preference is given to classics, elegant shapes with soft lines. Products made from quality wood look great.

Where is a grunge style interior appropriate?

The nature of laconicism inherent in this direction is perfect for arranging almost any room, both in an apartment and in a country house.

When decorating a guest room, you should pay attention to organizing a large area of free space. It is advisable to divide it into separate zones - for relaxation, tea drinking and communication, or to create a single living room area. A long-pile carpet on the floor will create a cozy atmosphere.

For an office or home library, decor in the form of paintings or high-quality reproductions, bookshelves is suitable. For furniture, glazed cabinets in a classic format will look ideal.

Using the grunge interior style for your bedroom, you can equip it with a chest of drawers, a small bedside table or a light wood wardrobe. Textiles made of linen or cotton will help emphasize the simplicity of the furnishings.

A kitchen in this style can combine round tables with light chairs and bright kitchen utensils. The work area should be as comfortable and functional as possible.

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