What paint to choose for walls: a cheat sheet for beginners


Painting the surface of the walls is considered a good alternative to wallpaper. If you properly finish the surface of the walls and ceiling in the room, you can handle the painting process on your own. But the main advantage of this method is the possibility of conveniently repainting the walls in a different color in the future if necessary.

What paint to choose for walls

What paint to choose for walls

A huge selection of modern dyes from different manufacturers makes it possible to use them in almost any room of the apartment - in the bathroom and kitchen, in the living room and dining room, children's room, office, hallway and hall. At the same time, the quality of the result and the safety of living in the room depend on what paint you choose for the walls.

Typically, the manufacturer places this type of information on the label, describing in detail how to use their product and its consumption. But at the same time, it wouldn’t hurt to listen to some advice from professionals.

What paint to choose for the walls in the bedroom

What paint to choose for the walls in the bedroom

In this case, the main emphasis is harmlessness, stylish decor and UV resistance. It is desirable that such paints do not emit strong unpleasant odors when applied and ensure rapid drying

Priority is given to silicone, acrylic and water-based substances containing a water base. The latest version of the paint is made on the basis of PVA, is easy to apply, and after drying it forms a film that is highly permeable to air.

The advantage of silicone and acrylic paints is a smooth surface that disguises minor flaws. The resulting film has an antistatic effect, preventing the attraction of dust.

What paint to choose for the walls in the kitchen

What paint to choose for the walls in the kitchen

In this situation, craftsmen recommend using water-based acrylic and silicone options. The properties of these compositions allow a sufficient amount of air to pass through, as well as the ability to be washed.

Before choosing paint for the kitchen walls, you should pay attention to the indicator of moisture resistance and resistance to mechanical stress.

No less important is the indicator of exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Latex-based options have excellent characteristics in this regard.

What paint to choose for bathroom walls

What paint to choose for bathroom walls

The bathroom is a room where there is almost always a high level of humidity. Therefore, the issue of selecting the right coloring agent is very important - otherwise you cannot count on the effectiveness of the wall covering.

When determining what kind of wall paint you might need and how to choose the right composition, you need to carefully study its main characteristics. The list of bathroom paints includes several options:

  • water-based - made on the basis of latex substances, silicone, acrylic or with the main elements in the form of PVA;
  • chlorinated rubber – paint often used in swimming pools;
  • alkyd - provides reliable protection of metals from corrosive processes, but has an unpleasant odor and is poorly removed from the surface in the future;
  • oil is a classic option, the disadvantage of which is that it develops cracks during operation and has a strong unpleasant odor.

Wall paint: what to look for and how to choose

Wall paint: what to look for and how to choose

The composition of the coloring matter is one of the important accents for the user. In addition, other points are no less important:

  • wear resistance – the so-called service life of the finished coating;
  • hiding power - how conveniently and efficiently the substance is applied, covering the color of the surface;
  • vapor permeability - the ability of a dried layer to allow air to pass through;
  • safety is an important emphasis for paint applied in living rooms;

You also need to take into account the ease of maintenance of the finished coating. As a rule, those substances that allow repeated washing with conventional means are valued.

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