Economical apartment renovation: pro tips


Apartment renovation is an event that every person has organized at least once in their life. Some hire experienced specialists for this, others ask their relatives or friends for the service, and others decide to approach this issue on their own. In most cases, everyone is looking for an opportunity to save a lot of money - and in this situation, the winner will always be the one who chose an economical apartment renovation with his own hands. What is needed for this, what kind of competent planning is needed, what should be emphasized - these and some other points will be discussed further.

How to economically renovate a new building apartment

How to economically renovate a new building apartment

When handing over the object, developers promise different degrees of readiness. The ideal option is the presence of finishing surfaces, plastic windows, entrance doors, and the arrangement of communications. However, reality often diverges from the case, and therefore the costs for the owner should include the implementation of these works in the estimate.

In order to get a really economical apartment repair in a new building, you need to initially decide on the main list of actions and indicate their sequence. Correctly conducted planning will allow you not to spend money on the services of a designer. To do this, you need to stock up on a tape measure and take appropriate measurements, then transfer them to a scale on graph paper. Thus, you can create a project of your apartment taking into account all its features.

As for individual points of repair, with a fairly economical budget, it is advisable to take into account the following points:

  • they will level the walls using plasterboard - it will be much cheaper than repeated putty;
  • when puttying, you should not choose the most expensive materials; it is possible to save on the amount of dry mixes - for concrete walls, a layer of 2.5 mm is enough;
  • ceilings will be leveled with the help of a tension format;
  • zone large rooms with the help of partitions made of plasterboard structures;
  • it is desirable to choose paint from the middle price segment - in terms of quality, such a product is in no way inferior to expensive branded ones;
  • the electrical wiring is placed directly under the plasterboard, without strobing.

It is also worth knowing that for repairs in a new building it is permissible to choose finishing materials at budget prices. New houses begin to shrink after a couple of years, and then it may be necessary to renovate after some time. And this means that it makes no sense to invest large amounts of money at the initial stage.

How to make an economical repair in a second-hand apartment

How to make an economical repair in a second-hand apartment

In this case, the specifics of the actions will differ, because before starting the repair work, you should get rid of the old materials and coating. In such a situation, it is necessary to initially assess what the owner can do on his own. For example, remove old wallpaper or tiles from the walls, remove construction debris, paint the surface, etc. If you have experience and the ability to hold tools in your hands, you can even try to replace a window or door yourself.

In addition, the economical repair of apartments of the secondary format implies the following points:

  • There is no need to throw away old good things and materials. For example, a high-quality brick can be adapted to the fashionable Loft style, having previously cleaned it and treated it with a protective coating. It is also possible to breathe a second life into solid furniture after painting and replacing the fittings.
  • Economy purchases. Many try to purchase materials during promotional offers or by choosing leftovers or the so-called "battle". With the right design approach, you can make very unique things from such raw materials, as well as furnish the space.

And the most important point regarding the economical repair of new buildings and secondary buildings. You need to save wisely, otherwise you risk getting a result that is not what you expected.

In some cases, it is advisable to seek help from professionals who can not only help in practice, but also suggest important points. Only then can you count on the efficiency of your investment and maximum comfort in your home at a relatively low cost.

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