Does the customer save when working with non-professionals?


For many years in a row, I have heard from my friends their complaints about unscrupulous builders.

And I always ask a simple question: "By what criteria did you choose this performer?"

The answers are always banal:

  • I was advised/made it to my neighbors
  • It is not expensive
  • jack of all trades
  • lives in the neighborhood

Then I ask, what then and where went wrong in your cooperation?

And customers talk about those problems that now need to be solved independently and ask for my advice on how to solve them with minimal costs.

What are the common problems?

  • Workers disappear for an unknown period of time, and work is delayed.
  • Workers bang at your house when they are doing repairs (there may be conflicts with neighbors).
  • The workers spoil the pages of materials that you repurchase.
  • Workers do work incorrectly, which then needs to be redone by other craftsmen.
  • The workers will give you payment "according to the fact" (often there is no reason why such a price is given).
  • The workers do not have a personal tool and you have to give something from your own.
  • Workers do not give you a written guarantee, giving a "reinforced concrete" argument - "you know where I live"))

And there are many other problems that arise when working with such "specialists".

Are you saving money in this case?


виконроб лає робітників

I will give only a few examples.

1. You spend time and gas to get to your facility. Your 1 hour of working time, for example, costs UAH 300, and the journey there and back takes about 3 hours. Plus fuel, for example, 300 UAH. Total direct expenses 1200 hryvnias. And how much could you earn if you did not take time off for repairs or construction? And how many such emergency exits have there already been?

2. How much money did you spend "empty" when you had leftover str.mat-la, or did you need to buy a new one for recycling? How many of the customers keep a table of expenses and keep all the receipts?

Based on this, how much did you overpay for working with non-professionals?

Isn't it easier to immediately hire a narrow-profile specialist who will perform turnkey work? Yes, let it be more expensive. But you will have peace of mind and get good service.

And if you need to do complex work in the form of building a house? Then it is better to contact a construction company, where you will receive a quality service "in one hand".

I give simple recommendations on how to choose an artist:

Прийшла ідея

  • Work only under contract
  • Before signing the contract, the contractor must provide you with a detailed and understandable estimate, which will include all future costs for work, materials, delivery/carriers and other costs related to the performance of all work at your facility.
  • For all works, the contractor is obliged to give you a written guarantee of at least 12 months.
  • The contractor must account for all money spent on building materials and provide receipts.
  • The executor must have a legal address where you can always find him.
  • The performer must have all his instruments.
  • The contractor is obliged to observe all appropriate rules of conduct at your facility, as well as to keep the facility clean. The contractor is responsible for his own safety equipment.
  • The contractor is obliged to provide a photo/video report on each stage of his work.
  • The contractor receives payment for his work in stages, the cost of which was discussed at the beginning of the work.
  • The performer is responsible for the final result.

Choose the right performer from the very beginning. This will allow you to save time, money and nerves.

You can contact our company and get a high level of service at a reasonably affordable price.

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