How to correctly estimate the scope of work at the facility?


In order to properly assess all the scope of work at the facility, it is best to order a project with a specification in which everything will be scheduled.

If there is no project, then you must independently (or with the help of a specialist from a construction company) do:

  • on a separate sheet of A4 / A3 (or in the program) draw a plan of your premises and put all the dimensions (walls, floors, ceilings, openings, slopes);
  • for each room, write all the types of work that will be performed (this can be done in a regular Excel spreadsheet);
  • talk with the contractor about what other additional work is possible and also add them to the table;
  • in the measurement process, it is best to use professional tools (3-axis laser level, laser tape measure, moisture meter, thermal imager, etc.);
  • when all the volumes are entered in the table, give this table for analysis to an experienced foreman engineer.
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