Without this knowledge, it is not worth starting construction or repair?


Every person who is thinking about building or renovating his house, apartment, office, shop, etc., should know what points to pay attention to. In order for this process to proceed painlessly and, as a result, the expected result was obtained, it is necessary:

  • have a plot or premises;

Plot for construction of a private house

  • have a package of documents on hand (documents for ownership or a lease agreement, a working draft for construction or a design project for repairs, a detailed estimate for all work + materials + additional costs, PPR - work production plan, GF - financing schedule, prescribed contract with the contractor);

Package of documents for construction work

  • choose a reliable contractor (preliminarily see his similar work already completed, see the availability of a professional tool, communicate with the masters who will perform the work, communicate with previous customers of these performers);

  • in the process of work, independently check the progress of work (come to the facility, receive phased financial statements from the contractor, check the quality of work);

Measurement of completed construction work

  • if desired, check the largest payments by cost (if the money for these purchases was transferred to the contractor);
  • pay in installments when checking a specific stage and after signing the ATS (certificate of completion);

Signing certificates of completed work

  • at the final settlement with the contractor, take a written guarantee for at least 12 months for this work.

In the process of work, do not be afraid to ask a lot of questions and receive full explanations from the performer.

In the process of work, do not be afraid to fine the contractor for violations (safety regulations, noise operation, damage to your property).

On the other hand, to contribute as much as possible to the rapid progress of all work (promptly coordinate the purchase of materials, in the process of work, voice your wishes for changes in the project, timely carry out acceptance of work and payment).

With a mutual desire to get a good result, there will be an excellent repair or a built house.

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