Which material is better for the roof of a house?


The roof is the basic component of every building. The waterproofing and thermal insulation properties of the main structure directly depend on its quality and design features. Also, a properly equipped roof provides the required wind protection and is responsible for the aesthetic perception of the building.

Not the least important role is played by the properties of the special roofing material used to cover the roofs. The service life of a particular building depends on how correctly the appropriate format is selected.

Which material is better for roofing: proposals from modern manufacturers

Какой материал лучше для кровли

Most specialized companies offer all kinds of building materials for roof construction, using both traditional and updated technologies in the production process. Popular in the construction market are coatings that are recommended to customers in different colors and configurations. When determining which roofing material will be best for each specific case, it is advisable to take into account the following information:

  • Ceramic tiles. It is made of baked clay, produced mainly in red-brown color and measuring 30x30 cm. Ceramic tiles are mounted on roofs of various formats with a slope angle of at least 22 degrees. Outwardly it looks very respectable and lasts up to 200 years.
  • Cement-sand tiles. Made from cement and sand, available in a wide range of colors. The size of the products is identical to ceramic ones, but at the same time they have less weight and thickness. The advantages of this type of tile are durability (at least 100 years) and relatively low price.
  • Bituminous shingles. It is produced on the basis of hydrocarbons, having a surface coating of cellulose, fiberglass or polyester. Among the roofing characteristics, it is necessary to note the dimensions of 100x30 mm, flexibility, ability to deform and high resistance to impacts. This is the most common format when it is necessary to equip a complex roof.
  • Metal tiles are made on the basis of rolled thin sheet metal (0.4-0.5 mm) with a protective and decorative polymer coating of various colors.
  • It is also worth noting the best material for flat roofing - PVC membrane is made from thermoplastic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) - the optimal solution for waterproofing roofs.
  • And roofing felt is one of the cheapest and most practical materials.

Which material is better for the roof of a house: features of choice

The choice of building materials of this type is a purely individual matter, depending on several factors. The price and service life of the finished roof are taken into account. For the most part, consumers try to find options that can last at least 20 years without repair.

The design of the roof itself is no less significant. For example, ceramics and metal tiles are not used on a straight roof; long and wide corrugated sheeting cannot be laid on a round one.

When determining which material is best for the roof of a house, design architectural solutions and the total load of the roof floor are also taken into account. Otherwise, a heavy roof can lead to structural cracks and even the destruction of the house.

All these and other points must be taken into account by specialists involved in professional repairs and construction. If necessary, they will be able to help you make the right choice of roofing materials.

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