What mistakes can be made when installing a fence?


The fence serves not only as a decorative element of each yard, but also performs a protective function from ill-wishers. In order for you to have a great fence that will cope with these functions, you need to pay attention to:

  • check the types of soils (ideally, make a geology and order a project);

  • calculate in advance the estimate for all work and materials (take into account all additional possible costs - lack of electricity, water, work of loaders and delivery costs, etc.)

Calculation of a detailed estimate in Kyiv and the Kyiv region

  • monitor all possible suppliers, go on your own and choose the type of material (if you order the construction of a fence through a company, you can get good discounts on the material);

daily materials Kiev

  • choose a reliable contractor (preliminarily see his similar work already completed, see the availability of a professional tool, communicate with the masters who will perform the work, communicate with previous customers of these performers);

The team of alarm workers in Kiev includes all types of alarm work

  • if desired, check the largest payments by cost (if the money for these purchases was transferred to the contractor);

The cost of construction works

  • pay in installments when checking a specific stage and after signing the ATS (certificate of completion);

Phased payment of construction services

  • at the final settlement with the contractor, take a written guarantee for at least 12 months for this work.

Гарантия на все строительные работы 12 месяцев

At the moment, there is a huge number of different materials on the construction market, which will allow you to choose exactly the fence that you want to your taste!

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