How to enlarge the balcony?


A balcony or loggia is an element of a building that connects a living space with the natural environment. Some perceive it as a place to store various things, some arrange it as an area for comfortable relaxation. In any case, during renovation work, most people wonder in what size it is possible to increase the useful area of the balcony.

Legal emphasis: how can you increase the balcony?

A variety of innovative technologies and materials can be used to expand the balcony area. They often involve removal along a slab or window sill. This process is defined as redevelopment, which usually requires special permission from the relevant authorities. However, removal within 30 cm will not be considered a redevelopment, which eliminates the need to collect various permitting papers and make a project. Therefore, if you plan to simply reconstruct it with expansion elements within acceptable limits, then such actions can be carried out independently.

How to enlarge a balcony

By increasing the space, you can get an isolated room, arrange a winter garden, or create a place for ergonomic storage and relaxation.

If you plan to move it along the window sill, then in this situation the parapet moves behind the glazing. In relation to the main structure, the removal distance can be in the range from 10 to 40 cm. The area of the slab remains unchanged, but the usable space increases. It can be used for storing things, growing plants, etc.

Expansion along the slab consists of increasing the floor area. This type of work is much more complicated and usually requires the participation of professionals.

Methods for increasing the balcony include the following variations:

  • installation of a metal frame on a slab, with which you can extend it by 30 cm around the entire perimeter;
  • the use of channels that start at 50 cm;
  • dismantling the old base and forming a new one using channels.

The work is carried out in several stages. First, the structures of the side walls and parapet are removed. Then the concrete slab is built up according to the chosen method. After this, a new metal frame is created and the balcony frame is installed. The final stage is finishing work both inside and outside.

Increasing the balcony along the slab increases the usable area to several square meters.

Additional ways to enlarge your balcony

When deciding to increase space, you should not ignore the slightest possibilities. Sometimes even a couple of centimeters can make a big difference when arranging an interior space. This can be achieved by eliminating the concrete threshold and increasing the balcony opening. In such cases, the concrete cutting method is used. Such work becomes appropriate in the following cases:

  • if necessary, combine an apartment room and a balcony;
  • when it is necessary to install wide doors made of metal-plastic, including sliding doors;
  • if the entrance to the balcony is inconveniently located, and the design of the room requires a more advantageous location.

Methods for expanding balconies are selected taking into account the purposes of the work being performed. For example, it is allowed to expand the kitchen space due to the loggia. This approach allows you to get additional dining space. In this situation, you can add extra meters by eliminating the partition with the kitchen. A room that can be enlarged in this way becomes spacious and well-lit, which is also important for apartment residents.

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