What is European-quality renovation: “in a rich way” is no longer fashionable


The concept of Euro renovation in Ukraine appeared in the 90s, when such work acquired a special format, adapting to European standards. At that time, residents of Khrushchev-era apartments tried to break away from Soviet interior traditions, using new “tricks”, spotted in foreign magazines, using new materials. What European-quality renovation is in its exact interpretation can be found in the Wikipedia dictionary, but today the definition of this term has become much broader. European-quality renovation standards are constantly changing - just as building materials are updated. However, the general concept of this concept can still be defined quite clearly.

What is European-quality renovation: a little history

What is European-quality renovation

In those distant times of the 90s, almost any more or less decent repair was usually called euro. The import of imported material from abroad in huge quantities opened up many new interesting opportunities for Soviet people. Since at that time the services of an interior designer simply did not exist, renovation planning was carried out according to the principle “The richer the better.” People tried to try everything at once. Therefore, answering the question of European-quality renovation - what is it, we can note the following signs of it in the 90s:

  • oversaturation of space with arches that did not look elegant at all;
  • multi-level plasterboard ceilings, weighing down and taking up space in the room;
  • thoughtless redevelopment of apartments;
  • decorative columns and other decorative elements made of plaster or foam;
  • fake fireplaces.

Many believed that if an apartment has new plastic windows, there is wallpaper on the walls, but no carpet, the ceilings are perfectly smooth and painted with water-based paint, then this is an accurate sign of European-quality renovation. At the same time, some even managed to install a jacuzzi in Khrushchev-era apartment buildings.

However, despite the name, such a concept does not exist in Europe. Therefore, this phenomenon applies exclusively to the countries of the post-Soviet space.

What is European-quality apartment renovation these days?

What is European-quality apartment renovation these days

The modern design of apartments and office premises is distinguished by laconicism and restraint. The main emphasis is on naturalness and purity of lines. And even if many techniques and technologies remain in the arsenal of current designers, their essence and execution format have been largely rethought and changed

Nowadays, the question of European-quality repairs is increasingly being answered - what is the answer in terms of compliance of the work with European standards. Therefore, at the moment, the priority is the safety of materials and updated installation technologies, as well as new planning standards.

In other words, both externally and technologically, European-quality renovation now looks completely different than in the distant 90s. Its distinctive features include the following:

  • Multi-level ceilings with a lowering effect are not made only for decoration - for the most part they carry functional loads, for example, for ventilation, exhaust hoods, etc.
  • Stretch ceilings are no longer colored, and in design they are practically no different from standard ones. Their main difference is brevity and respectability.
  • Walls with faux stone masonry are distinguished by the correct configuration, and are not made in the form of blots or sloppy stripes.
  • Niches began to be equipped for practical use, and not for decoration. Also, a mandatory attribute of European-quality renovations of previous years—lighting—has disappeared.
  • Finishing materials for floors are selected with the effect of natural stone, wood, etc., avoiding cluttered patterns in the form of huge flowers, exotic plants and other excesses.

You can also note changes in the theme of photo wallpaper images, the format of bar counters and the design of window space.

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