Dismantling and garbage collection

Dismantling is carried out using special tools:

  • jackhammer
  • performer
  • sledgehammers
  • picks
  • scrap
  • diamond saws

What is usually dismantled in help:

  • old electrical and plumbing
  • walls made of aerated concrete, brick, drywall, OSB
  • screed and plaster
  • tile, laminate, parquet, carpet
  • windows, doors, balconies
  • drywall, armstrong, panels

We also carry out dismantling with excavators with hydraulic hammers and hydraulic shears (houses, warehouses, fences, etc.).

All dismantled garbage is packed into bags, taken out into the street, loaded onto dump trucks and taken to a landfill.

Dismantling and garbage collection

Dismantling and garbage collection

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