Warehouses and hangars from different objects

Our company builds warehouses and hangars of almost any complexity and area:

  • frame
  • frameless

In frame construction, a metal frame is used, which is sheathed with sandwich panels or profiled sheets.

In frameless construction, ready-made trusses are used, which are sheathed with a profiled sheet.

Warehouses and hangars can also be:

  • insulated
  • cold

The purpose is very broad:

  • for storage of grain and other agricultural crops
  • for storing equipment and tools
  • for food storage
  • for storing things
  • for exhibitions
  • for production

At the design stage, we take into account all the wishes of the customer so that the warehouse or hangar is as functional as possible and brings benefits to its owner.

Warehouses and hangars from different objects

Warehouses and hangars from different objects

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