Renovation of an apartment on Chkalova street

At this facility, our craftsmen performed:

  • demolition of old walls and erection of new ones;
  • garbage collection and disposal;
  • wiring rough wiring;
  • wiring rough plumbing;
  • wall plastering;
  • floor screed;
  • drywall installation;
  • laying tiles;
  • painting works (puttying, painting, gluing fabric wallpapers);
  • installation of ventilation and air conditioning;
  • installation of finishing plumbing fixtures;
  • installation of clean electrical appliances;
  • installation of doors (entrance and interior);
  • laying laminate and installation of skirting boards;
  • installation of window sills;
  • stretch ceiling installation;
  • collection and arrangement of furniture;
  • arrangement and connection of equipment;
  • general cleaning.

Renovation of an apartment on Chkalova street

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