Roll lawn laying

How the installation process works:

  • We cut off the top layer of the earth with a thickness of about 40 cm.
  • We lay a layer of gravel 10 cm thick, on top of a layer of sand or geotextile of a similar thickness. We tamp.
  • On top of the "pillow" we fill in the previously removed earth and lightly sprinkle with fertilizers.
  • Leveling the area. It must be perfectly level for better engraftment of the grass. Leveling is conveniently done with the help of pegs driven into the ground with a rope stretched between them - it becomes clear which area needs to be filled with soil, and which one needs to remove excess soil.
  • The final stage of preparation is tamping. You need to ram the area until the legs stop loading into the ground.
  • Then we do laying of a rolled lawn.

Roll lawn laying

Roll lawn laying

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