Bath in the village of Romankov

The customer has already completed the foundation in the form of a reinforced concrete slab.

We performed:

  • assembled and insulated the frame
  • assembled and insulated the roof, covered with metal tiles and installed snow retainers,
  • performed the installation of the roof sheathing and the drainage system
  • installed a chimney on which a cap was installed
  • lined the chimney pipe with fireproof wool
  • the outside of the walls and ceiling were sheathed with falsework + a rope was glued to the corners
  • installed 2 windows and an entrance door
  • electronics and plumbing were installed inside
  • lined the walls and ceiling with clapboard
  • collected the shelves in the steam room
  • screed and tiling were done
  • they installed a toilet, a boiler, a shower and a stove for the steam room itself
  • installed a door in the s/v and steam room
  • a terrace board was laid on the veranda and wooden fences were installed
  • paving slabs were laid around the bathhouse
  • at the end, they cleaned up and took out the trash

Bath in the village of Romankov

Bath in the village of Romankov

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